Same Sex Weddings

Reverend Francine DeCicco is dedicated to same sex couples and will happily guide them through the process of having the perfect wedding ceremony.

Reverend Francine embraces Pride Month.
Whether legal ceremony, a commitment ceremony or ring exchange;
your ceremony will be as colorful as this rainbow hat.

Ellie & Tina - Terrace on the Park
Althea & Opal - Terrace on the Park
Jenn & Joy - Terrace on the Park
Chris & Alex - November, 2019 - Bobo French Restaurant, NYC
Stephanie & Barbara - September, 2018 - Terrace on the Park
Allison & Sara - December, 2014 - Sand Castle
Chad & Mark - October, 2014 - Bryant Park
Lula & Eleini , September 2014, Alegra Hotel
Jean & Lee - Rockaway Beach 9-2013
Jeanie & Ruth @ Russo's on the Bay
Bob & Bill, April 1, 2012 @ Vetro

Custom designed hankies by Reverend Francine for all the tears shed.

Bill's fabulous shoes!












Reverend Francine participated in the mass same sex wedding ceremony in Long Island, New York. Below are a few select photos:

Reverend Francine has also performed other same sex wedding ceremonies: