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Welcome to Matrimony by Design. My name is Francine DeCicco and I have been serving the wedding industry for over 25 years. Come and meet with me for a free consultation and together we will design a personal ceremony. From religious to non-denomination or a family blending, together we will design and create your perfect ceremony.

Family and Friends have asked me "Why become a reverend now?" I'm about to tell you my story. My mother and father were married for 69 years. My father was her boyfriend since she was 16 years old, her true love Frankie. When my mother was 21 years old, her mother became very ill and was about to pass and she wanted to see my mother married before she did. So my mom and my dad went to court in downtown Brooklyn in 1938. She bought herself a beautiful white wedding dress and had a very very quick ceremony. They rushed to the hospital to tell her mother and she gave them her blessing before she passed. My mother for 69 years always wanted a beautiful ceremony and she never had one. Recently several months ago my mother did pass. Something came to me—a calling if you want to call it—I needed to be and I needed to give that special ceremony to you couples in honor of my parents

Just remember—all you need is love!


I am also the author of The Cure for B.M.S. (Bridal Madness Syndrome) written in 2005.


Reverend Francine being interviewed by Dunkin DonutsCorporate for their documentary on Dunkin Donuts weddings.

"Seven years ago Denise and Lowell forgot their wedding application so the next day I invited them to Dunkin Donuts to sign it. Every year they went back to celebrate their anniversary. Dunkin corporate found out. So this year we surprised them by decorating the store. I performed a vow renewal ceremony and ring exchange. "

Now we are part of their documentary.


Reverend Francine De Cicco at Wedding Showcase
Reverend Francine makes regular guest appearences on Long Islands WGBB 1240AM Radio station

Reverend Francine Designs Custom-Made Dolls that Match your Wedding Theme
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Her name is Barbara, made from vintage curtains

Reverend Francine is Available for Specialty Fun Seminars